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April 27th Austin Zombie Attack – The Story of a Family’s Victory!

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 The Nichols’ Family portrait session at the Castle Hill Graffiti park started out like any other session. We did a few family posed photos and I got some candid shots of the kids climbing on the walls…


Not long into the session I noticed there was something not quite right with one of the other park attendees as he got closer and closer….




This resourceful family sprung into action!


Dad saved the day with his golf club! …. Or so we thought. We went to the top of the hill to enjoy the view and reflect on the events that just happened when our zombie found us again!


Mom got in a good swing then protected the kids as dad finished off the job!




This time, we knew he was done for and the Nichols Family was victorious!




I had so much fun at this session! Thank you so much to the Nichols family and Shawn, our Zombie, for an awesome Sunday morning!




And the next time your are in the Castle Hill area… Keep an eye out….



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