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Small Town Love – A Fairy Tale Story

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Normally when I meet with a client for a pre-booking consultation I greatly prefer to meet with both the bride and the groom. Since Brittany and Matthew both have very demanding work schedules Matthew was not available for our consultation and I only met with Brittany but she was so sweet and so enthusiastic and after hearing stories of their relationship, I had to book them even without meeting Matthew before hand. The moment I knew I was going to love working with this couple was when Brittany told me how they met…

Matthew and Brittany met “cruising main street” when Brittany was 16 and Matthew was 17. Brittany told me that in their small town of Jolpin Missouri this was often what they found themselves doing on a Friday night, just driving around town. Brittany was the passenger in her friends car when some other friends of theirs pulled up and stopped next to them, Matthew a passenger in the other car.  They both pulled over, the 2 teenagers met, and the rest was history! I have to admit, when I was 16 I had a dream of meeting the man of my dreams at a red light (though it didn’t happen… yet) so I thought it was so adorable and almost couldn’t believe that this was actually how this young couple met!

Brittany went on to tell me about their engagement and even showed me pictures on her phone that the waitress took when Matthew popped the question last year. I knew this couple was something special but I have to admit, I was still a little bit nervous about not having a chance to meet Matthew before booking.

As soon as they arrived to their engagement session and I shook Matthew’s hand, all of those nerves flew away! I could tell instantly that they were a great match and he was just as excited at Brittany was, which I love!


We shot Brittany and Matthew’s engagement session at Mayfield Park which some may know is home to some beautiful peacocks. Though I have done many session here and even 1 wedding this was the first time I had seen the birds so active and so many of them with their tails up! They were literally running through our shots! And we took advantage of it!

SEP_5526 SEP_5576

As the session went on I saw Brittany and Matthew become more comfortable and more playful with each other. It was so sweet to see what is such a beautiful life long friendship for these high school sweethearts.

SEP_5555 SEP_5551 SEP_5564 SEP_5567 SEP_5573 SEP_5600 SEP_5634 SEP_5707 SEP_5706 SEP_5693 SEP_5692

I’m so excited to capture this adorable couple’s romantic wedding at The Vista on Seward Hill. I’ll see y’all on October 16th!

SEP_5646-Recovered SEP_5659

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