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3rd Time’s the Charm!

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No matter how well you plan, sometimes Mother Nature has a different idea. Keenan told us that on the day of every single major event in his life, it has rained. And his engagement portraits proved to be no exception.

Keenan and Meagan are from the Austin area but live in a small town outside of San Antonio and had to schedule time when they were both able to make the trip to Austin to shoot their engagement portraits. The first time we scheduled their engagement session back in March it ended up being a cloudy and drizzly day and since we were planning on doing the session at the Zilker Botanical Gardens I asked Meagan if she wanted to go ahead and do them or reschedule for a sunnier day. She chose to reschedule for a later date in April.

April came, Meagan and Keenan made another trip to Austin and… an even worse storm hit!  Not only were the skies a dark and ominous black, threatening to downpour on us as any moment, but it was also FREEZING. This time we decided we had to get them done, rain or shine. So instead of going to botanical gardens we did the portraits in Meagan’s sister’s backyard so we could easily run inside if it started to rain on us.

We made the best of the session and tried to incorporate the weather by including an umbrella. The below picture was used for their Save the Dates and creatively said, “Rain or shine, his name is mine.” Cute, right?!


Though we made the best of the session, it was very rushed. We made it inside moments before the skies opened up. And as I mentioned, it was FREEZING so we were all shivering through the session.

Though Meagan never told me she was unhappy with the photos, and I knew she had used them and gotten them printed… I knew they could have been so much better and I felt so awful that the weather cheated her out of the beautiful engagement portraits she wanted. So I did something I don’t normally do… I offered to make a trip down to Floresville to reshoot their engagement portraits.

Well. You won’t believe this. But the morning of the session… it was cloudy. And even drizzled on the drive down… I was so worried. Especially since we were also planning on shooting Meagan’s bridal portraits while I was there. The whole drive I was trying to think of what we could do and what I would say to ease her and then… 10 minutes from her home… The sun came out!! It was magnificent!

We started with her bridal portraits at her venue which came out absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to share after her wedding and we ended with some amazing sunset engagement portraits at a  beautiful park across the street from their home.

I am so glad that we decided to try just 1 more time with Meagan and Keenan’s engagement portraits because it was so worth it! The 3rd time really is the charm sometimes!


Of course Meagan and Keenan are still worried that Keenan’s ‘curse’ will follow him and it will rain on their wedding day but I want to remind them (and all brides reading this who are worried about rain on their wedding day) that rain on your big day is such good luck! An old friend of mine always said “Rain is a sign of good things to come” And I can also use my own parents as an example of this. Their outdoor ceremony was rained on and forced to move inside and they are still happily married over 28 years later.

Rain or Shine, I can’t wait to capture this couple’s beautiful day on November 8th!
















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