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She said Yes!

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I am so lucky that I have gotten the opportunity to capture the moment a bride says “I do” as many times as I have Jake contacted me to inquire about capturing the moment that comes before the I dos. For the first time I was given the opportunity to capture the moment the bride says “Yes!”

I was so excited to hear what Jake had planned for Erin on their 2 year anniversary. He was taking her out to dinner on a private boat on Town Lake. He planned to come back near the dock around 7pm which happened to be right in front of the Hyatt hotel where they met as co-workers. He planned to have me photograph the moment he popped the questions from the shore.

I could not have been more excited. Not only because I was going to get to capture such a special moment but I was so pumped about getting to be all sneaky and stealth like!

I got to the dock a little after 6:30 and found the best place to set up. I hadn’t met Jake or Erin before so I was a little nervous about how I was going to be sure it was them but as soon as I saw their boat, I knew it was them.

I photographed them as Jake got the boat positioned just right in front of the Hyatt, made a toast, danced with his girlfriend, and the sweet moments before he made her his fiancé.

The moment Jake got down on 1 knee rowers were passing by and the whole city was moving around them but it was so obvious, even from as far away as I was, that the world had stopped for them for a moment on that boat and they were in their own world. It was such an amazing thing to capture from a far. And the river turned the boat as if to pose them perfectly for the moment he put the ring on her finger. It could not have been a more perfect moment. I was absolutely giddy with excitement for them.

I was so worried that Erin had seen me and I was too obvious taking the photos but when they got back to shore she told me she had no idea I was there until Jake pointed me out.

Another HUGE congratulations to Jack and Erin on their engagement and thank you so much to Jake for having me be a part of this incredibly special moment.












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