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Smith Wedding Sneak Peek!

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My favorite thing about weddings is that while they all share similar components, each one is so different and unique to each individual couple. And Caitlin and Dustin’s wedding was definitely unlike any other I had ever shot before.

If you haven’t already read my blog with their engagement sneak peek check it out here.

First off, Caitlin and Dustin’s wedding was held at the bar where Dustin works downtown, Brass House, which made it the first wedding I have ever shot at a bar.  And it was everything you would expect a wedding at a bar to be. Relaxed, entertaining, and above all, so much fun!

If there’s one thing that I think everyone can agree on right off the bat it’s that Caitlin was an absolute knock out in her stunning dress from Blush Bridal.

When the bride comes down the isle it is typical for everyone to stand, oo and ahh, and occasionally clap, but Caitlin and Dustin’s guests did something I had never seen before, they stood up and cheered and roared like a rock star had just entered the room! And Caitlin and her dad laughed all the way down the isle that ended in Caitlin joining center stage with her very soon to be husband. Then. In the middle of the ceremony Caitlin just broke down in a laughing fit. It was absolutely perfect.

Then it was time for the party! And like I said, it was exactly like you would expect a wedding at a bar to be. Some highlights were the balloons that fell during their first dance, the original song Caitlin’s dad surprised them, the awesome band and great dj, the dancing, and of course, the cake smashing.

But as awesome as all of the details of their wedding were, my favorite thing, above all of this, were the 7 words I heard Caitlin say over and over. I pointed it out to her after I heard her says it about the flowers, the cake, her hair, and her make up but she said it about absolutely everything. She kept saying “It’s PERFECT! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted!” And really… what more can you ask for? Was so glad that she got exactly what she wanted.

A huge congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and thank you so much for choosing to have me be a part of you day. I had so much fun with y’all!

Below is just a taste of what Caitlin and Dustin’s night looked like. And make sure you make it all the way to the end for 1 last highlight that I didn’t mention….

SEP_6181 SEP_6219 SEP_6273 SEP_6453 SEP_6402 SEP_6390 SEP_7699 SEP_6327

SEP_6353 SEP_6371 SEP_6301 SEP_6303 SEP_6701 SEP_6702 SEP_6729 SEP_6736 SEP_6737 SEP_6762 SEP_6769 SEP_6782 SEP_6794 SEP_6801 SEP_6879 SEP_6978 SEP_6981 SEP_6989 SEP_6998 SEP_7004 SEP_7010 SEP_7163 SEP_7210 SEP_7233 SEP_7243 SEP_7262 SEP_7266 SEP_7268 SEP_7285 SEP_7293 SEP_7319 SEP_7329 SEP_7343 SEP_7345 SEP_7356 SEP_7429 SEP_7430 SEP_7436 SEP_7458 SEP_7461 SEP_7466 SEP_7470 SEP_7480 SEP_7491 SEP_7494 SEP_7503 SEP_7515 SEP_7545 SEP_7525 SEP_7589 SEP_7625 SEP_7679 SEP_7852

Oh And… This Happened….


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