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Evleen & Kevin’s Sneak Peek!

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In my 7 years of shooting weddings I have had the opportunity to see some amazing venues. From the St Louis Cathedral in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, to hill country ranches in Texas. My favorite venues aren’t necessarily the ones with the best views, or the most beautiful architecture, but instead are the ones that the couple chose for personal reasons and that are meaningful and unique to them. And for that reason I have to say Evleen and Kevin definitely won for the coolest and most unique wedding venue I have ever shot!

Evleen and Kevin decided to hold their wedding at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Um… AMAZING! As soon as Evleen told me the location I tried to play it cool and not show how excited I was, but I was positively giddy! For those who don’t know, I have a bit of a nerdy side and I LOVE science and even hope to have a degree in neuroscience one day. And then when she told me the reason she chose this venue I got even more excited, it’s the home of an ancient giant sloth skeleton! The sloth is Evleen’s favorite animal so the most important photo to her, was in front of the sloth.

Their location obviously created for some amazing photos. Not only did we get shots of the bride and groom in front of the giant sloth but family photos were done in front of a display of the solar system, the first dance had a T-Rex in the back ground, and a display of skulls and tusks allowed me to get some of the most amazing ring shots ever!

But the location wasn’t the only unique and awesome thing about this wedding. Evleen and Kevin threw many traditions out the window and made their wedding so completely their own. Their ceremony had a “reverse isle” where the wedding party walked up to the guest instead of through them, the flower BOY threw colorful pom-poms instead of flowers (and yes, there was a toy sloth in the basket to walk with him), they had a 1st (serious) dance and a 2nd (fun) dance , and they had a “build your own cupcake” station instead of a traditional cake.

And Evleens dress, shoes, and accessories were one of my favorite parts. Her dress was from one of my favorite stores, Mod Cloth! Her fun and colorful petticoat was made by a friend of hers. And her shoes…. Space! They had space on them! Because in Evleen’s word “Space is cool!” I could not agree more, space IS cool!

I had so much fun capturing this couple’s big day! Thank you so much to Evleen and Kevin for letting me be a part of it!

Here is just a little sneak peek of what Evleen and Kevin’s day looked like….

SEP_1381 SEP_1586 SEP_1575 SEP_1537 SEP_1385 SEP_1573 SEP_1572 SEP_1522 SEP_1531 SEP_1472 SEP_1470 SEP_1342

SEP_1331 SEP_1445 SEP_1441 SEP_1436 SEP_1415 SEP_1413 SEP_1390

SEP_1583 SEP_1808 SEP_1785 SEP_1786 SEP_1780 SEP_1789 SEP_1804 SEP_1807 SEP_1773 SEP_1757 SEP_1755 SEP_1743 SEP_1817 SEP_1579 SEP_2226 SEP_1977 SEP_1985 SEP_2000 SEP_2015 SEP_1858 SEP_1865 SEP_1840 SEP_1867 SEP_1844 SEP_2028

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