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2 Less Fish {Brittney and Nathan’s Engagement Sneak Peek}

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I knew when I met with Brittney and Nathan at our consultation that they were going to be a special couple to work with.

It was so easy to see the connection they had in the way they told me their stories about how they met and how Nathan proposed. They also both spoke so lovingly of each other.

Nathan told me that he met Brittney after seeing her a few time at the gym and he said the first time he saw her on the treadmill “there was a light around her.”

When Nathan proposed to Brittney he took her fishing at night on Lake Austin. He told her to get a lure out of the tackle box where he had the ring waiting for her to find it.


For their engagement session I suggested that we recreate their proposal story that I loved so much! So we went to one of my personal favorite spots in town, Red Bud Isle, where Brittney and Nathan proved exactly why I think engagement sessions are so important and why I have so much fun doing them!

While I knew from our consultation that this was going to be a great couple to work with, our engagement session gave me a chance to really see why. Throughout the session Brittney and Nathan became more and more comfortable and candid with me. They told me stories, the things they love about each  other, and about some beautiful aspects of their relationship.

We spent the session stopping a some of my favorite spots at Red Bud. At one point there was a family fishing. We chatted with the dad a little and he told us he hadn’t been having any luck catching anything. So before we moved on to the next spot Nathan opened up his tackle box to give him some bait. Brittney and I watched as she told me “He is just the sweetest guy in the world, he would give someone the shirt of his back if they needed it.”

I left the session feeling so touched that they felt comfortable enough to share with me details of their personal life and relationship. These 2 people are so caring and have incredibly beautiful hearts.

Can’t wait for their March 14th wedding!


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