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Mr. & Mrs. Kruse {Sneak Peek!}

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(To view Brittney and Nathan’s engagement Sneak Peek click here)

I am so lucky to have a job where I get to work so closely with so many great couples from all different walks of life.

In our consultation Brittney and Nathan told me about the fact that their faith and mutual love of God is one of the driving forces in their relationship. They also asked me in our consultation if I believed in God and if I was Christian. One of the ways I knew this was going to be a great couple to work with was the way they responded to my answer.

I was candid and honest (as I always try to be with my clients) and shared my beliefs which were different than theirs but came down to the same basic principals, be kind and caring towards one another and live for a purpose.  Brittney and Nathan were both very accepting of my different views, as I was of theirs. I knew this was going to be a great client-photographer match!

If there has ever been a couple that practices what they preach – it’s Brittney and Nathan!

Not only are they 2 of the sweetest people I have ever worked with, the theme of their wedding was definitely their Faith. I loved the way they incorporated their faith into their wedding details from the guest book asking friends and family to highlight their favorite Bible verse to their cake from Simon Lee that was decorated with the words of Corinthians 13. They even met (on opposite sides of a door as to not see each other) before the ceremony to pray together. It was such a sweet moment to get a chance to capture.

It was so obvious to see in every moment they were together how connected this couple was.

A couple of my favorite moments were when each of them had a gift delivered to the other. Brittney made Nathan a journal filled with trinkets she had saved while they were dating. She also only filled the journal half way so that Nathan could fill in the rest. And Nathan gave Brittney his grandmother’s necklace and a poem that had her cracking up laughing and also holding back tears.

I also loved the wedding party dancing down the isle to The Black Eyed Peas, I Got a Feelin, and that Brittney requested the “first kiss” shot be taken with their family and guests as the background instead of the officiant.

A couple more note worthy aspects of Brittney and Nathan’s big day were their scenic venue, The Hills of Lakeway, and their beautiful flowers from Flora Fetish. I absolutely loved that Brittney included charms with photos of family members who have passed on her bouquet. Of all the ways I’ve seen to honor family at a wedding, this if definitely my favorite!

Here is a sneak peek of what Brittney and Nathan’s beautiful day together looked like….

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Working with this couple was an absolute privilege. They were so unbelievably kind that Nathan even almost made me cry at the end of the night when he told me “I almost don’t want to say goodbye because we feel like we’ve known you all our lives” There is no better compliment for me to receive from a client than that. I felt so touched that they has become some comfortable with me. I am honored that Mr. and Mrs. Kruse chose me as their wedding photographer, that I was able to capture their most precious moments, and that I got a chance to know them.

I wish them all the luck and love in the world!


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