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Aubrey & Adam’s Yoga Wedding Sneak Peek!

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I was so excited when my friends Aubrey & Adam from New Orleans told me they wanted me to capture their big day! Knowing them I knew it would be a unique and laid back day full of love and it was definitely that!

Aubrey is a yoga instructor and her and Adam decided to incorporate their yoga practice into every aspect of their wedding day. Nothing about their wedding was “traditional” and everything was totally Aubrey & Adam!

To read Aubrey’s advice on how to have a Yogic Wedding check out her blog! – Aubrey Avocado

What’s one of the biggest ways to have a Yogic Wedding? Practice Yoga of course! The 2 hour yoga class for the “Wedding Tribe” was one of my favorite aspects of their day.  Their friend and yoga instructor starts the class with this beautiful reminder ..

“Yoga is Sanskrit for union so marriage is Yoga.”


Aubrey and Adam decided to do all of their photos before the ceremony. When doing their “first look” photos Aubrey had an idea to have him reveal himself to her instead of the traditional bride revealing to the groom, but at the same time she still wanted that feeling of seeing his face when he sees her for the first time. So I suggested that they do it at the same time! I had them stand back to back and counted to 3. They were both so excited to see each other and Aubrey exclaimed “You’re wearing your glasses! Are you wearing your glasses because I like your glasses?” And Adam said yes. It was so adorable to see a bride just as excited to see what her groom looked like on their big day at he was to see her! After the excitement of the reveal was over Aubrey yelled with the biggest smile on her face…

“That’s was so equal!!”

SEP_9441 SEP_9440 SEP_9443 SEP_9445 SEP_9450


Another aspect of having a yogic wedding, being able to go with the flow and accepting things as they are.

There was a threat of storms and though the weather held out most of the day, it began to storm just before the ceremony. Aubrey and Adam had wanted to have the ceremony outside in the lawn and at the very last minute, though everything was set up and ready for them to have the ceremony inside, Aubrey decided it was still important to her to have the ceremony outside. So, everything switch to take place on the small covered patio.

It required some shuffling around and re-configuring, but it worked! And it was so sweet and intimate.

Just before the ceremony started Adam summed up the situation (and life) perfectly when he said to me…

“Everything’s perfect, and nothing is ideal.”


Aubrey and Adam included things that were them and threw all the traditions that didn’t fit them out the window. Some other not so traditional aspects of Aubrey and Adam’s wedding that I loved…

1) Aubrey had a beautiful flower crown in place of a bouquet.

2) Their wedding party was mix gender and Aubrey stood on the right side instead of the traditional left.

3) Their ceremony was performed by their best friend who also played “Here comes the sun” on this guitar as Aubrey came down the isle.

4) There were readings from Harry Potter

5) Instead of exchanging rings they once again incorporated yoga into their day by receiving mala beads and literally tying the knot! The knot ceremony bound their hands with a rope with 3 strands, one representing Aubrey, one for Adam, and one for their union.


Here is a taste of what Aubrey and Adam’s day looked like….

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A huge congratulations to Aubrey and Adam! I have known this couple for about 4 years now and they are such beautiful and loving people and their love for each other is so strong and inspirational. I wish them all the luck in the world as they continue the grow their lives together!

Thank you for letting me capture your perfect day! I love y’all!



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