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Jill & Lamar’s Out of This World Sneak Peek!

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Those who know me well know that I have some nerd-ish tendencies. My weakness? Space and Aliens. So I could not have been more excited when Jill and Lamar told me that their wedding at The Salt Lick was going to be space themed! Until I arrived on the day of and found that not only was it space themed… it was Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed!

I loved all of the little ways that Jill and Lamar implemented their theme into the decor. From their cakes, to the stars and planets (Chinese lanterns) hanging from the ceiling, to the beautiful table settings.

Jill did something a little different on her wedding day that I loved. While it is common for a bride to change out of their wedding dress into a reception or “get away” dress, Jill had a pre-ceremony dress instead! And why would she need it? Because before getting into her dress from Second Summer Bride Jill and Lamar held a pre-ceremony cocktail hour to greet their guests and enjoy some beverages before they walked down the isle! Jill’s pre-ceremony dress was fun and flirty and was the perfect little tease before relieving her actual dress.

The Salt Lick made for such a beautiful venue for Jill and Lamar’s ceremony! And we even had access to an amazing old Chevy truck! I could have spent hours photographing Jill and Lamar with it!

This couple was so laid back, sweet, and had a great sense of humor! For example when Lamar pulled out a loupe during the ceremony to look at the ring before putting in on Jill’s hand!

I had such a great time working with these two from start to finish! Here’s just a sneak of what their day looked like…

SEP_1377 SEP_1372 SEP_1283 SEP_1388 SEP_1362 SEP_1328 SEP_1332 SEP_1334 SEP_1335 SEP_1220 SEP_1218 SEP_2166 SEP_2169 SEP_1513 SEP_1253 dress SEP_1776 SEP_1858 SEP_1837 SEP_1878 SEP_1907 SEP_1995 SEP_1999 SEP_2002 SEP_2005 SEP_2018 SEP_2025 SEP_2027 SEP_2035 SEP_2038 SEP_2041 SEP_2063 SEP_2047 SEP_2068 SEP_2066 SEP_2057


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