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Top 9 Reasons to book a Boudoir Session with Simone Epiphany Photography!

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Boudoir portraits have always been one of my favorite things to photograph but I understand that making the decision of whether or not to do boudoir portraits can be a big one! The thought of getting naked in front of a camera can be scary but when working with Simone Epiphany Photography there is nothing to worry about!

Here are a few reasons why you should book a boudoir session with Simone Epiphany Photography….


9:  Your guy or gal will love them!


Boudoir Portraits make a GREAT personal and unique gift that your significant other is guaranteed to love! Whether it’s something they have been hinting at wanting or a complete surprise, it’s a gift that never disappoints.

8: It gives you a chance to get in touch with your sexy side!

DSC_0303 bwDSC_0278 DSC_0086

One of the biggest concerns I hear from clients before a boudoir session is that they don’t know how to “look sexy.” To this I say nonsense! Everyone has their own way of being sexy and with my posing and subtle guidance people find it comes much easier than they may think. You’ll be amazed at just how sexy you can be!

7: Bare all or stay modest – It’s up to you!

bareall moremodest

I have some clients that want to expose it all in their boudoir session and other that want to stay on the more modest side. Because the most important thing in your session is that you are comfortable you decide exactly how much you do or do not want to expose in your session! As long as you are comfortable you will look good no matter what you are (or are not) wearing!

6: It doesn’t have to be all serious – Take time to be playful!


Clients always ask whether or not they are supposed to smile in their boudoir session… I’d be willing to bet that a big part of what attracted your significant other to you was your sense of humor. So why should your boudoir session be  100% serious?? Some of my favorite shots are always some of the more playful ones and I bet they will be yours too!

 5: Include personal items to make your photos special and unique!


Whether it’s a piece of jewelry your significant other gave you, his favorite jersey, or a personal item of your own (such as Erica’s pool stick pictured above) personal items are the best way to add that extra special something to your photos to make them more unique, fun, and memorable.

4: Your privacy is very important to me!


I understand that boudoir portraits can be a very personal thing that you want to either keep to yourself or keep between you and your significant other. Because of that I will never post your photos in my portfolio or elsewhere without your permission. A large number of my boudoir sessions have never been seen in order to respect client privacy.


 3: Your session is done in your home!

DSC_0227 DSC_0218 DSC_0232

As I’ve mentioned, the most important thing in your session is that you are comfortable. I’ve been specializing in portraits for the better part of the past decade and in that time I’ve learned that everyone is more comfortable in their own home. Bringing my portable studio to you and doing your boudoir portraits in your home creates for much more relaxed and genuine photos. It also give you a chance to do your boudoir portraits in your actual boudoir like this client did above!

 2: Your chance to show off your confidence!

bwDSC_0153 DSC_0143 bwDSC_0158

Your boudoir session is the perfect chance to show off your confidence and feel empowered! Even if you are taking them as a gift make your boudoir session about celebrating you! I love seeing the moment in a client’s session when they stop being nervous and start showing off the confidence that everyone has inside!

1: IT’S FUN!

DSC_0209 DSC_0066 DSC_0231

There are a few things I hear from pretty much every client after their session; that they felt so much more comfortable than they thought they would, that they were amazed at how good they looked, and  that their significant other absolutely loved the photos. But the #1 thing I hear the most that I think is the absolute #1 reason to book a boudoir session… IT’S SO FUN!! And why wouldn’t it be? You get a chance to show off your confidence, your sexy side, be playful, and also include your own personal touch with special items. So whether you are doing them for someone special or just for yourself the most important reason for a boudoir session is to have fun!

Contact Simone to book your boudoir session today!

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